Physical Therapists

Sobel Family Medicine & Physiotherapy provides physical therapy and preventative maintenance care with a variety of healthy and holistic treatments.  Trisha, a certified physical therapy technician, and Dr. Bruce Demartino, chiropractor and certified acupuncturist, are dedicated and committed  to alleviating pain associated with muscles, joints, back, neck and shoulders.

We are also introducing Elena Mesh, a licensed Massage Therapist to our practice. Elena completed her training in Russia, and her massage technique ranges from relaxation, stress relieving and comfort massage, to deep tissue myofascial-release. Elena offers 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions.

Whether you are injured on the job or are recovering from orthopedic surgery, our staff is well versed in all forms of physical therapy.

Neck and Back Injuries

Neck and back injuries that occur as a result of accidents and trauma are usually accompanied by soft tissue injuries as well. The term soft tissue injury refers to tearing or swelling of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that control the joints of the body. Treatment of soft tissue injuries requires a comprehensive array of medical devices including ultrasound, interferential, iontophoresis, phonophoresis, pelvic traction, galvanic stim, Russian stim, hydrocollator packs, paraffin baths, and other devices known as modalities.

Myofascial release and massage therapy are important to relieve the muscle spasms and allow proper stretching to occur. Exercise therapy is an important part of the rehabilitation process and our staff has the expertise to train the patient in the most effective methods to achieve a complete recovery. Our staff specializes in a one-on-one caring approach to therapy. Individual attention is given to each and every patient in contrast to routine corporate physical therapy centers that are common today.